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Hi, I’m Sonya and welcome to Addicted to Teaching! I love to share ideas about teaching, classroom and time management, family, recipes, balancing life, and a bit of traveling in my spare time.

Much of what I share is geared for teachers, but there’s a little bit of everything here, so even if you aren’t an educator, this may still be the place for you!

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Hi, I’m Sonya. I am a virtual teacher that spent many years in a brick and mortar classroom. I have taught for 14 years, all middle school. Before that, I worked in the corporate world and served in the Air Force. I have a passion for helping others and have worked hard at “working smarter, not harder” and like to share those ideas here so others can maximize work time and still get out and enjoy life. My multigenerational family lives in central Florida and loves to travel! We have 3 dogs and spend our time at home enjoying movies, board games, books and tending to our backyard garden and chickens, or hitting the lakes and rivers in our area.

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