Hinnant Family Vineyards – Harvest Host

November 26, 2022 While traveling recently, we had a long drive between destinations, so made use of our Harvest Host/Boondocker's Welcome Membership and stopped for an overnight stay at Hinnant Family Vineyards. This is a beautiful location conveniently located just off of I-95 in central North Carolina. They have an easy to access parking area … Continue reading Hinnant Family Vineyards – Harvest Host

Travel Tip: Use the Visitor’s Center

November 23, 2022 There is so much that goes into planning any kind of travel, that it can be overwhelming, especially to RVers that may not have any connections to an area. Finding places to camp, access to groceries, laundry, internet and other amenities, as well as things to do in the area are all … Continue reading Travel Tip: Use the Visitor’s Center

Dealing with Laundry in RV Life

November 2, 2022 The large capacity machines cost more, but fit a week of clothes for 3 into one machine, and a week of towels and bedclothes into a second machine I have always hated doing laundry, which is ironic, since I love everything clean--especially clean sheets to sleep on. I'll admit, the night before … Continue reading Dealing with Laundry in RV Life

Eliminating Micro-Decisions Improved My Daily Life

October 11, 2022 In a 24/7 fast-paced world, it can be a challenge to keep up with all of our demands, let alone slow down. But this was something I had to do for my mental health and for my family since the speed of life was just too fast. I had ventured into the … Continue reading Eliminating Micro-Decisions Improved My Daily Life

Empowering the Enabled Child

October 4, 2022 In every classroom, and in many homes, is a child that needs a great deal of attention in completing tasks. There are many reasons for this. Some of these are children that have medical reasons for having been extremely dependent, but some have simply always gotten help when asked without obstacles. Whatever … Continue reading Empowering the Enabled Child

Helping Kids that Struggle with Multi-Step Directions

September 30, 2022 Whether you are an educator or a parent, you have probably experienced the child that struggles with multi-step directions. This could be an assignment they don't complete or get a poor grade on for school, or their inability to complete a chore or task at home. Sadly, this isn't uncommon and I … Continue reading Helping Kids that Struggle with Multi-Step Directions

Back to Normal is Too Busy

September 27, 2022 I have been a busy person since I started working. I have fleeting memories of perpetual boredom in my childhood, but since I started working as a volunteer at 15, I have none. A few years ago I started teaching virtually and was able to eliminate some tasks, only to fill my … Continue reading Back to Normal is Too Busy

RV’ing – Renting a Lifestyle

September 16, 2022 Many people dream of the RV lifestyle, whether it is visions of short or long term, full time, seasonal or weekend travel. It can be challenging to find an RV that meets all the needs, let alone all the wants, and that isn't even factoring in the cost of that RV. Some … Continue reading RV’ing – Renting a Lifestyle

My Experience with Intermittent Fasting

September 9, 2022 When you have a lot of food allergies, eating can be an annoyance, or even life threatening. Add in the stress of modern life and it is very easy to overeat or eat poorly. Diets are not my thing either--most of them have things I can't or don't eat or are way … Continue reading My Experience with Intermittent Fasting