Catching Up & What’s Coming Up – Changes for Addicted To Teaching

May 9, 2023 May is always a hectic time of year for our family as we wrap up our son's school year and complete state testing, as well as my own since I am a teacher. Even though I teach year round, many students are trying to finish before summer, while several are starting my … Continue reading Catching Up & What’s Coming Up – Changes for Addicted To Teaching


Camping & Visiting Flagler Beach

April 11, 2023 Flagler Beach, Florida has become one of our favorite places to visit. In the last year, we have camped there 3 times, and have day tripped there many times before. We love the old beach town feel of the place. They have been very strict about keeping buildings from growing too tall, … Continue reading Camping & Visiting Flagler Beach

We Only Thought We Were Prepared

April 8, 2023 We dreamed of RV life for years and were thrilled to start our journey sooner rather than later. We'd heard so many horror stories, so we prepared, researched and thought we were ready. Turns out, we weren't. We had a lot of great memories our first year, but we had a lot … Continue reading We Only Thought We Were Prepared

Why We Created “Our Travel Planner”

March 14, 2023 When we started this journey into full-time RV life a little over a year ago, we knew there would be a lot of information to keep up with. Being the organized person I am, I got a current road atlas, Planner, RV journal and an RV GPS device, plus I plugged things … Continue reading Why We Created “Our Travel Planner”